Mar 10, 2010

the first taste of spring

This weekend Mississippi had its first taste of spring. You could feel a crisp change in the air and the sun seemed to be even brighter than normal. The weather on Saturday was in the 70's and we decided to celebrate by having a picnic. Just behind our house we have a river-walk with a beautiful park. We played checkers and listened to Amos Lee on our iphone...thank you Pandora radio.

The best part of all this is that last night our beautiful weather went away just as suddenly as it came. Startled by the loudest thunder and brightest lightening I have ever experienced, Josh and I sat straight up in bed at 1:45 in the morning. The thunder was honestly the loudest thunder either of us have ever heard.  It echoed between our building and the power went out on our whole street. The boom ushered in one of the darkest, gloomiest, heaviest rain storms I've seen and it is expected to last for three days straight...I am glad we went on the picnic when we did!