Apr 12, 2010

two of the many things i have been busy with lately

There are quite a few people who ask me what I do while Josh is gone all day at training. To be honest, it  was a hard adjustment at first not to work. I really felt that my worth came from having a job and making money and while having a job is usually necessary and good, my worth should be found in the Lord, not in my job or anything else for that matter. As I have allowed myself to slow down, step back and see this part of our lives as just one chapter I have been able to really appreciate it and feel so blessed. Few people are able to not work, especially in these economic times and we are making it work.

I have been offered a volunteer position as one of two Student Spouse Representatives on base and I have taken it. This means basically that me and one of my good friends in town Meredith are the "welcoming comittee" for any of the spouses who are here because of pilot training. We work to keep the spouses up to date on happenings on base and in the community through a yahoo group and we plan socials so they can get together and meet each other. We also go to board meetings once a month to report to the COSC (Columbus Officers Spouses Club). This has been a lot of fun. We even made business cards to pass out to the spouses.

{the back has the contact info for both meredith & i}
{the orange writing says "helping you branch out in Columbus, Ms!}

Another thing I really enjoy is getting to know the people and happenings in the community. Columbus is a very small town, some would even say that it has remained untouched by what we would see as progress. And while my Target is an hour and a half away, I have begun to see the beauty in the quaintness and quietness in this town. 

For the first two weeks in April every year for the past 70 years, Columbus has been having an event called Pilgrimage. All of the historic Antebellum (which I found out means Anti-against or pre and Bellum-a type of fighting or war, thus meaning pre-war) houses are open for tours. There are so many I am not even sure I have a number of them. The owners of the house keep the decor historically accurate and open their house to the public to tour at this time. These owners as well as volunteers from the base and many historians in town dress up in clothing from the period and give tours of the houses. 

Today I gave my first tour of a house called Rosedale. I have a few pictures so you can see what it looks like.  My next tour is a candlelight tour on Thursday evening of a home called Riverview. 

{the tour I gave was of the ladies parlor}

{the original mantle & mirror from when the house was built}
{also the wood carved square was used to create the wallpaper}

{here you can see the wallpaper that was replicated to the period}
  {made in England}

{this is Rosedale in all its glory}

So I hope I have shed some light to those of you wondering what I am up to. Thanks for reading!!!