May 24, 2010

new phases for us both

{bella interiors}

his update
Josh and I have both started a new "phase" in our lives. Last week Josh began what they call Phase Two of UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training).  Phase One was made up of all book work and testing. Phase two is all of that, flying and much more.  This Phase is what we have been told is the hardest of all three phases the students will experience this year.  It has been met with anxiety on both our parts, but has been very doable so far. Josh has really kept his stress at bay during training and it has made things very easy on me. Each time he flies we are both reminded of the reason we are live out a dream Josh has had since he was little. And we feel so blessed to be able to pursue that. 

her update 
Today began a new job for me! Yes that is right I am a working girl again! For the past 4 weeks I have been interning for a wonderful woman named Penny Bowen. She is the owner of the store pictured above. She is "the" lady in town if you need a house built, remodeled or decorated. As I was trying to "find" my way in the interior design world...the idea came up that I should intern for someone to see if I really want to invest three more years in school and money to become and interior designer. 
Penny is originally from Wisconsin, Oshkosh to be exact, and her father flew for the Air Force believe it or not. She helped our landlords build the apartments we now live in. And her store is literally across the street and over one block so I can walk to work! On Friday she said that she would love it if I would stay around and become her personal assistant. I was thrilled to accept and today was my first official day! She has been so helpful in answering any questions I have about the industry and has let me go on appointments, contact vendors, and help out in the store. So far, none of this has felt like work! 

our update
In all of the crazy changes we have made in our lives over the past year, marriage, moving to a new state, leaving old jobs, starting new ones, meeting new friends, getting to know the ways of the Air Force and so many more, the Lord has truly blessed us. He has provided all that we need in all areas. In the past year it has been so humbling and rewarding to see how the Lord has brought us through each change and blessed us for following His will for our lives. We are so grateful to Him for all that He has done.