May 17, 2010

they came, they saw, they conquered mississippi

moke, jen, teen, tom & josh
outside hanks bbq in columbus, ms

Good times were had by all when the family came to visit for the weekend! The siblings got to experience some real Mississippi culture! We ate a lot of really tasty (and unhealthy) food, saw more planes than one knows what to do with (as the air show was being held at the base this weekend) and experienced the southern summer heat! Yes, there are some really bad farmers tans on a few of us, myself included. 
It is so great anytime we have visitors to entertain, but to have family here is a very special comfort. Each time one of the visits is over, I get sad to see you go. As we travel from here to there and God knows where on this wonderful is incredibly comforting to have our family for support. It meant the world to us to have you here! Thank you for taking the time to see how our "new life" is going and to let us know how much you love us!