Jul 7, 2010

the king is still alive...

{here we are by one of Elvis's planes}

{here are my cute parents on a carriage ride... love them!}

{seeing Graceland through the King's eyes}

We know because we saw him in Graceland! Over the long weekend my wonderful parents made their second trek to our neck of the woods. Josh and I met them in Memphis for a mini getaway! We toured the famous Beale Street, tasting the local flavor, taking in the Mississippi River, listening to great Blues music and viewing great works of art.

We stopped for a break and a little bite to eat at the Peabody hotel. Let me just say you cannot pass up the chance to eat some of their Lobster Bisque! And just outside of Memphis is a wonderful little suburb called Germantown that is definitely worth checking out. It has gorgeous houses and shopping to die for! One of the largest J. Crew's I have ever seen!

Graceland, as we found out takes more than a day to complete! We spent five hours there and still did not see everything! OH MY! It was a really entertaining tour and we even got to check out the two planes Elvis bought and used while he was alive. Not to mention his 33 cars! That man had a lot of stuff! I know they say you cannot take it with you when you die, but your family sure can make a fortune off of people like us who want to see it!

Our time with mom and dad was so special! We are blessed to have such supportive, giving, and loving parents! It is a priceless the time we get to spend together and Josh and I are so grateful for it!  Thanks for coming to see us!