Aug 4, 2010

the 12 hour celebration

{the thunderbolt class, more commonly referred to as tbolt}

A weekend or so ago, Josh and I went out with his class to celebrate the wonderful news that everyone in his Thunderbolt Class has now flown their "solo" flight. As you already know, the Air Force is heavy in tradition. The solo party is just one of the many traditions. The solo party is where each student is given their first call sign by their classmates and instructors. I'm sure you are all very familiar with those... Goose... Maveric...etc. Josh's call sign is TRIG...because he is good with numbers. No surprise there! 

If you are thinking, "Are all of the people in that picture wearing the same tshirts?" YES we are! His class is obsessed with a you tube video entitled "The Alabama Leprechaun". You should definitely take a look at it. It was really aired on the news! Seriously! Our t-shirts have the amateur sketch from the video and say, "I want the gold." Also from the video. 

The solo party lasted about 12 hours! We stayed the whole time! And had a great time hanging out with everyone...don't know how soon we will be able to hang for 12 hours again...but I did get some dancing in at the end of the night which made all 12 hours totally worth it! Here's to TRIG! 

PS...We are also gearing up for Track Select, which means the end of Phase Two. The end of Phase Two marks the half way point for the entire year long training program! Track Select is September 28th...of course subject to change...and this is when we find out what he will fly in Phase Three...will he train for one knows! We will see!