Sep 4, 2010

food, fun & target practice

{here we are after target practice}

Last Saturday was spent celebrating one of our new and dear friends, Mark Junkins. Mark and Phyllis Junkins are two of the most special people we have met while here in Columbus. Each Sunday morning before church they hold a little gathering called Pre-Flight. It is a Bible Study for pilots and their spouses. Phyllis even makes us a hot breakfast each week and it is AMAZING!
Mark's birthday was a delightful afternoon turned evening full of food, friends, a bit of target practice, games and there was even a little bit of armadillo hunting! They boys had a great time being "woodsy" and the girls well, some of us laughed so hard we cried...priceless! Oh, and I would also like to include that I did in fact, get a bulls-eye!!!!!