Oct 5, 2010

every day matters...

{Katie, Camille, Me, Meredith, & Victoria}

And if you are one of us...Wednesday (or Monday's this month!) matters most. Each Wednesday since the beginning of the year five friends have gotten together to do something special...EAT. There is just something about coming to the dinner table once a week to talk, laugh, and eat our way through life. Especially this year. All of our hubbies are in pilot training. So many times, these girls are more than just my friends; they are an extension of my family. And the best part is...when they leave your house, it is as if they were never there...many people have friends...but do they clean up after themselves? We have eaten our way through this year of pilot training. Here's to Supper Club! And all the women I admire so much that are keeping the home fires burning!