Oct 13, 2010

three generations

{top left: papa welch, mama welch, josh, & myself}
{bottom left: grandma & granddaddy pugh, uncle keith & aunt sadie}

We had such a great weekend getaway to the family cabin in Alabama. The cabin is located near Montgomery, in a little town called Union Springs. Each year for Thanksgiving his family gathers to spend a few days at the cabin, as well as any other time of year they can gather there. We had the opportunity to stay there with his parents and grandparents this past weekend.

On Sunday, we attended a 50th Anniversary party for Uncle Keith (Granddaddy's brother) and Aunt Sadie. It was such a pleasure to be a part of such a monumental moment in their lives. The party was held a another cabin, that belongs so one of their son's. We got to take a tour of his "hunting lodge", eat wedding cake and meet many of their friends and extended family.  A great time was had by all!

As Josh and I were sitting on the front porch eating our piece of wedding cake, watching everyone say hi and reminisce about the good old days, and the kids play on the lawn, I could not help but feel like I was living in the Brad Paisley's song, "All Because Two People Fell In Love". Happy 50 years Uncle Keith & Aunt Sadie! We love you!