Nov 7, 2010

our second one year anniversary this year

Yes, we have had two one year anniversaries this year. Of course, the first one and most important would be our wedding anniversary. Our second would be that of moving to Columbus, Mississippi. Yes, that is correct, it has been one whole year that we have been here! I know it is hard to believe.

In the past year we:

     had to say goodbye to family & friends
     settled into our favorite apartment 
     became members of a church for the first time
     went armadillo hunting
     learned that i love interior design
     became bilingual (we now speak military)
     had to say goodbye to many of the things we were used to:
          ie target & starbucks
     had many visitors and we LOVED it! 
     learned that you grow up fast in the military 
          {we had to make out a will the first week we were here}
     stepped back in time...
          columbus moves at a MUCH different pace than Orlando
     fallen more in love with the LORD and each other on this journey

Thank you so much for all of your love and support. And thank you for being a part of our last year!