Dec 16, 2010

we are not in wisconsin anymore!

{the welch tree 2010}

Some of you may remember last year, when we got our tree from Lowes. It was quite an experience for us inexperienced tree trimmers that we were. Since I am acustomed to amazing trees that you cut down yourself from a tree farm (in Wisconsin, of course), we decided to go to the local tree farm. Okay, sad is an understatement. The tree farm we went to in Columbus is where they send all the ugly trees to die. They looked malnourished. And instead of finding your tree in the snow, you find it in well, mud.

Our tree, was one of the better ones and still has patches where there are no branches and it is totally lopsided.  And so I introduce to you charles.  He is named after the charlie brown tree. We felt like we did him a favor by taking him in and feeding him.