Mar 2, 2011

my other half

{meredith mayo & me}

       I know after reading the tittle of this post you would expect to see a photo of Josh, not Meredith, but let me explain.  Meredith and I, as many of you know have held the position of Student Spouse Representatives for the past year. We have been busy planing socials, attending many board meetings and welcoming in countless spouses to Columbus Air Force Base. And it has been our sincere pleasure to welcoming anyone who has a spouse going through pilot training. In many ways we have been each others other half through this experience. Sometimes we have even been called Sara Mayo & Meredith Welch! 

      The photo above was taken on Monday night at our Cake Off social (do not worry, more photos to come). It was with bittersweet emotions, we announced that it would be our last event. It is time. Our husbands are both rapidly approaching graduation and we need to hand over the baton, or in this case three ring binders. We are dreamers, well...let's say BIG dreamers. We had goals of brining in many new spouses. When we took over, attendance of the socials was at 12-15ish and we had about 50 on Monday night! Needless to say there is more work to do now, and so we are in the process of mentoring three wonderful women for the position. 

       We could not have been more happy about how well the Cake Off went. It was our best event yet! What a way to say farewell! And I could not begin to think of a better "other half" for the past year! Mer my friend...I love you and I could not have done it without you! Thank you for all you have done for me in these last 365 days. For the late night texts, the many taking care of business emails, the debriefing phone calls, more event planning meetings than I can count, the leg squeezes when we did not know what to say...and most importantly for being my friend. I love you boo. It has been an honor to work with you.