Apr 4, 2011

the stuff that decisions...no, dreams are made of

what our table looks like tonight...
the hubs has marked each possibility on google earth so we can research all the bases

tonight is the night we make our list of where we want to move after graduation. Today Josh brought home the list of bases and airframes available to his class (the drop). Decisions need to be made and they need to be made fast. We have to turn our list (dream sheet) in Wednesday.

Most people don't have to make a decision about where they want to move in 48 hours...but we sure do! So here's to the next 48 hours of decision making! Stay tuned. We find out how our dream sheet compares to the needs of the Air Force on APRIL 15th (assignment night) at 5pm central/6pm eastern! 

the drop: this is the list of available airframes (planes) and their coordinating bases (locations). Each SUPT (specialized undergraduate pilot training) class at Columbus gets one just before assignment night. Our list has 19 airframes and bases to rank.

dream sheet: this is a military form that we are filling out TONIGHT which ranks our 19 choices from what is available in the drop in the order that we want them. This does not guarantee we will get our first second or third choice. That's why they call it a dream sheet. It all depends on the class ranking and what the air force needs. It is due WEDNESDAY!

assignment night: this is one hour of your life, occurring two weeks before graduation from SUPT on a Friday where your husband (or wife) gets called up to stand in front of a room full of people and they have your assignment (next airframe and base) show up on the big screen behind him. Yes we all find out at the same time!