May 24, 2011

home sweet home {part one}

With the thought of moving on my mind, I realized today that I have not posted pics of our apartment yet! I intended on posting pics when we first moved in and got settled. Then time passed, life happened, and I sure did not post any. So, to be true to my word...take a look at our place.

If you remember, we had to move in sight unseen. Our wonderful landlords took a video of our apartment so we could see it before we got here. If you want to see the video, click here.

Today, you will see the main room in our loft apartment on 5th Street. When you walk in you see one quaint little room that serves as our kitchen, office, living and dining room. I love this place and I know that I will miss it. So, take a look below to step inside our home!

Welcome home! Aren't these wood floors amazing! 

Take off your shoes and stay a while!

Our kitchen. When you walk in, it is to your left. 
I love her. Plenty of storage. And butcher block for counter tops! 
View from our kitchen. 

Fridge. Love notes. Cards. Grocery list. Calendar of Audrey Hepburn. Apron. 

 When you walk in, our office is on your right. 
I love the shelves. It feels like a mini library. 

Our dining room {area, rather}. 
I am so in love with our chairs. They were a Christmas present. 
Another view of our dining area. Those are my cook books you see in the background. 
And my favorite clock. Yes, it is huge. And I love it. 

Living room. Friends & Family collage. 
And our amazing green chairs. Swoon. 

Where we spend most of our time. We do eat here more than I care to admit. And watch tv and have what I like to call family meetings...josh calls them discussions. {He hates meetings.}
Oh, I made those pillows you see on either end of the couch. My mother-in-law helped me sew them! 

Thanks for visiting.