Oct 18, 2011

home sweet hotel

For the past several months now, my husband has been living out of a hotel room in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. I have joined him on several occasions for a week or a weekend durning my travels, but now I am here for good. Well, at least until further notice.

If you are anything like me, you have wondered why dresser drawers and mini microwaves are put in hotel rooms. And now, I know they are there for people like us, who have to live out of a hotel for an extended period of time. I now wonder why there are only three dresser drawers, not four and why the microwave is mini!

Now, our clothes are filling up the drawers and the smell of popcorn {sometimes burnt, by yours truly} fills the air of our tiny little home, that has room number 133 written on it. A sign with the words "home is where you are" hangs above the bed. And that has been so true for us from the moment we got married.

I have to admit, I am learning many things about life and myself through this experience. Like, how fun it is to see people's reactions when I tell them that I am homeless. I get some strange excitement out of watching peoples faces scrunch up, tilt there head to the side and contemplate what to ask me next, as they did not expect my answer.

Despite what anyone might say you really can live out of two suit cases for six months. I know, I know, I did not believe it either! I am sorry to all the women out there who are trying to convince their husbands that is not the case. But if anyone should not be able to do this, it is me! I refuse to tell you how many pairs of jeans I took out of my bags when packing to fit one more pair of shoes!

I've also learned that eating out, which used to be one of my favorite past times, grows very tiresome when you have no place to cook and only three restaurants in town to choose from. That said, the Mister and I broke down last week and bought what I am now calling a kitchen for our hotel room, ie: crock-pot, dual burner, pots + pans, immersion blender,  individual smoothie blender and sharp knives. Ahhh...who knew baked potato soup would have men lined up at my door with soup bowls in hand?

But most of all, I've been reminded that in life you have to roll with the punches. Happiness is not just handed to you. You have to make it happen. It's true. No matter what your happily ever after looks like, you have to remember that happily ever after does not make itself.

{photo credit...unknown}