Nov 16, 2011

guest blogger: ashley brooke of ashley brooke designs

Hello + Happy Wednesday dear readers! Can you believe Thanksgiving is only nine days away! With that in mind, I have asked one of my dear friends and etiquette experts to share with us a little bit about how to work the party circuit, thoughtfully. So, without further ado, here is Ashley Brooke of Ashley Brooke Designs on the subject...
One of my favorite little things to do during the Holiday party season, is to stock up on small hostess gifts! Nothing says thank you for inviting me/cooking for me/cleaning your house for me/making the perfect play-list for me, like a hostess gift. And the greatest thing about a hostess gift is that you don't need to spend more than $20.... most of the time mine are much less! (shhhh)

A mason jar filled with honey wrapped in twine, fresh baked cookies packaged up neatly in bakers paper, a bag of coffee with a tag that says "to get you through the morning clean-up", or my favorite (I may be biased), a package of pretty paper.

All of the small gifts above are thoughtful, don't take too much time, and most of all don't interrupt the hostess. One thing I try to stay clear of are flowers. There are exceptions of course, but the problem with bringing flowers is it usually means that the hostess has to stop her "hostess duties" and find a vase (one that she/he doesn't already have occupied for the party) then cut, then arrange, AND THEN work it into the party decor. Sometimes a box of tea wrapped in a large satin ribbon is just better.  Another great tip is to have a signature after party sendible, lately I have been sending a box of fresh french macaroons to colleagues and clients after events. It's so simple, so sweet, and takes very little time. Here is my favorite little macaroon place: Sparkles Kitchen *bonus tip, I have the company send them straight to the recipient with a little note inside... easy as pie/or macaroons!

So there you have it! Hostess gifts are the greatest will love giving them and getting them!

P.S. Not many people these days still do hostess gifts, so be prepared start seeing your mailbox fill up with thick cardstocked invitations!!

Happy Holiday Partying!

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