Dec 12, 2011

recipe for world peace

Well hello dear readers, how I have missed you! Please excuse my long absence. I have been hard at work on a design project that has been taking up all my time and energy. For those of you wondering where I am in my many travels, I am currently in my homeland of Wisconsin and loving every minute of it. Being with family and friends in the cold snowy weather makes me ever so happy. 

This weekend I took a break from all of the designing...which you will be seeing photos of very parents and I took a little road trip visit to one of my bestites from college. She made us a yummy dinner and for dessert we had homemade hot cocoa and homemade marshmallows. 

Confession. I don't really love marshmallows. But there is something about a homemade one that is just heavenly. It is not really even like a regular marshmallow. It is some kind of ooey, gooey wonder that melts on top of your hot chocolate and make you wonder why it is not Christmas time all year round. And if everyone could partake in these lovely treats, I am confident we would have world peace!

If you want to know the recipe for world here