Feb 2, 2012

modern take on a classic: the welcome basket

Over the weekend, I got to see one of my besties and her hubby! They "dropped by" to see our new home...and by dropped by I mean flew from NYC! If that did not already make us feel special, they also gave us this adorable little welcome basket!

It got me thinking. In today's fast paced and tech savvy society, it is easy to overlook a good old fashioned welcome basket. The most classic welcome "basket" I can recall is from It's A Wonderful Life. You know the scene, the one where they give bread, that the house may never know hunger, salt that life may always know flavor and wine, that joy and prosperity may reign forever. I decided to put together a little list of ideas for a modern day welcome basket. Enjoy!

1. Ditch the basket and go with something even more useful...try a colander or a mixing bowl or even a "green" reusable tote you can take to the grocery.

2. Don't overlook the simplicity of supplying the staples: salt + pepper shakers, dish towels, mixing spoons,  measuring cups and coffee mugs to name a few. If you are anything like me, you have been meaning to replace the stained dish towels in your kitchen but somehow keep spending your shopping budget on new shoes instead. He! He!

3. Always include a little something for the palette. I know they say the way to a man's heart is through food, but let's face it, the same is true for women too! Try chocolates, granola, wine or a bottle of champaign to celebrate the move...or in my case that the move is finally over!

4. To give your gift that little extra that will really put it over the top, find a pice of unique decor for the home, ie. the amazing oversized chess piece above. You could also try a great soap dispenser, potted herbs, or a candle.

5. Don't over think your welcome basket. Have fun with it! I promise the new home owners, like me, will be ecstatic to have a little something special from you!