Dec 16, 2009

God will provide...

During our move, we were told to take our valuable items with us in the car. That way nothing would be "damaged" in the move. Well of course we packed jewelry and scrapbooks...oh and purses in the car and anything we needed for our trip. However, it did not cross my mind to take the wooden giraffe I purchased in on of the straw markets while in Africa on my missions trip a few years back. And you guessed it, the giraffe went missing after our move.

While at the Officer Wives Christmas Party last week, they had a raffle to raise money. And behold, two giraffes made of wood. The tickets for this raffle were fifty cents, so I bought three dollars worth of tickets and put them towards the giraffes. And...I WON THEM!

After the party, I was talking to the commander's wife and told her about my giraffe story. She then said how wonderful that God restored what you lost! And He even gave me two! She said I should let that remind in all of our moving God will provide and even multiply. It also reminded me that while something that we may think petty to pray about, God still cares!