Dec 21, 2009

My First Post

So the past few months have been a little busy for Sara and I... Where to start. You may know by now, but October 27th I graduated from OTS and was assigned to Columbus AFB in the beautiful city of Columbus Mississippi. Sara was convinced I put this as my number 1 choice because of the hunting, fishing, water nearby. Anyway, we were required to go from Maxwell to Orlando pick up all of our goods (not as easy as it sounds with movers) and head out to Columbus to see our new abode. Sara picked out a pretty sweet apartment downtown and we were both looking forward to checking it out.
We arrived October 31 and looked for a restaurant downtown to eat. When we arrived we were surprised to see everyone ( including middle aged adults) dressed up in costume (weird, I know). We had been driving the majority of the day and pretty much forgot that it was Halloween. The first place we ate at was almost directly across the street from where we now live and we quickly found that in Mississippi, food is no joke...
The next day, after checking out our apartment and both really liking it, we signed the lease on our new place and immediately got to work.
The last 2 months have seemed to fly by as we've become involved in activities around the base and I've been working in the Operations Group processing performance reports, but Sara and I are proud to call Mississippi our home for now.