Jan 27, 2010

changes, changes, & more changes!

Just wanted to let everyone know that Josh's dates for UPT (Undergraduate Pilot Training), which is the year long program he will be here for, have changed twice in the past week.  First they moved him up from the August class to the June class and then up to the May class.  This is very exciting for him so he can start doing what he is here to do!  However, we do know that just as it already has, it can change.  We certainly have learned that with the Air Force!

This is something that has not changed...Josh will be in Colorado in the beginning of February for IFS (Initial Flight Screening).  This is where they train you to have a private pilot's license.  How well you do determines how long you will be there.  The shortest time is 3 weeks, and I believe the longest is 6 weeks.

That is what we know for now!