Jan 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!!

This New Year's was spent in our new hometown of Columbus. We happen to live above what we have been told is the fanciest restaurant in town. So it sounded like a great way to ring in 2010! J. Brussard's served a four course dinner. They fly in fresh seafood from Hawaii I have been told and it was phenomenal. Josh also tried a new beer, Southern Pecan Ale and I had a 2010 punch that had watermelon and mint liquor. We even ran into the wing commander on base!

Instead of watching the ball drop on television, we got to go out on our back stoop, toast champaign with our neighbors and watch a real live ball drop in downtown, where there was a New year's event going on called Having a Ball...haha! It was quite impressive. However it was raining so the covering over our stoop was a plus!

Happy New Year!