Jan 4, 2010

Our First Christmas

For our first Christmas together we traveled to Wisconsin. Our road trip took us 14 hours or so and we had a great time seeing some of the countryside. The time we spent catching up with family and friends was precious to us. The snow was a ton of fun to play in and the food was wonderful.

The list of Josh's Firsts:

- First truly white Christmas
- First time eating at a local favorite...Baker's Square (best pie this side of the Mississippi)
- First time scraping the ice off of our car (he broke the scraper!)

On our way back we took a short break to stop in St. Louis. We stayed at a boutique hotel, that Josh picked out called The Moonrise Hotel. It was 1950's themed and had a really great restaurant with a believe it or not elegant moon walking theme. For dinner that night I had champaign and sloppy joe's...delightful! St. Louis was a surprisingly beautiful and clean city. It reminded me of a smaller version of Chicago. I would recommend anyone visit!