Aug 11, 2010

maybe people really can change...

{our new scrabble board}

Yes, that is correct. I have a new obsession with scrabble...yes me the one who cannot spell to save her life. I don't really know what happened. Maybe I miss Alicia and Becky. They used to make me play against my will and then they would beat me and I mean beat me to an embarrassing score. Don't get me wrong they had good intentions, they were just that good and I am just that bad.

I would like to place the blame on my lovely iphone app...words with friends. Yes, it is, in case you have not gotten addicted, extremely addicting and is basically scrabble with a different name. I have put off sleep to play and almost had a melt down when my phone was "updating". Anyway this crazy app got the best of me. Now, it is not enough just to play on my phone...I want to play in person. Thus, the board you see above. I bought a game I had hated for so long. Maybe people really can change...and maybe one day I will even buy Monopoly...maybe.