Sep 23, 2010

almost the end...of phase II

{the t-6}

In just five days, Josh will be finished flying the t-6. For the past five months he has been training on this airframe. There have been many twelve-hour days, weekends filled with studying, and extreme highs and lows. He loves flying, but with all of the requirements he has had to meet, you can see how the fun is sometimes hard to find. 

All this leads us to Tuesday at 5pm. That is when we will find out in a large group of people, with Josh standing in front of everyone, what he will fly next. They literally put it on a screen behind his head! Phase three will begin right away the next day. He will fly one of four planes in the last phase. It will either be a t-38 (fighter), t-1 (leer jet), t-44 (they train with the navy), or helio (helicopter). Two of the four will cause us to move in the next few weeks. 

The past year we have spent in Columbus has really stretched us. It has caused us to grow as individuals, as a couple, and our faith in the Lord has greatly increased. When I think about how much in our lives has changed, I am overwhelmed at how well things have worked out for us. Without a doubt, the hand of the Lord has lead us to where we are and He keeps watching out for us.  

Thank you to all of our family and friends for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers. We could not do this alone. We cannot tell you how much we miss you all, but we hope you know that your love and support is felt!