Sep 14, 2010

a tale of two cities...

This weekend Josh and I went on a two different cities! He traveled to Oklahoma City for his training and I traveled to New York City to see some dear friends! 

On Friday, Josh flew from Columbus to Houston and spent the night in Houston. The next day they flew to Tulsa and then on to Oklahoma City for another over nighter. This little "trip" was called his cross country, which is a requirement for training in phase two. 

I left on Thursday for a girls trip to NYC and I returned last night. Kasey flew up from Orlando and we stayed at Andrea's house. We all worked together at Orlando Leisure Magazine and even though our lives have changed and moved us on, our friendship still remains. Those girls are my lucky pennies! 

Josh and I have joked about how polar opposite our weekends were. He was flying planes and I was shopping and soaking up the new fall fashions. We had a great time but it is true what they say...there is no place like home.