Jan 21, 2011

around the world in 12 watercolor sketches

{my first attempt at watercolor}

Well, I have traveled around the world in 12 days...I mean 12 watercolor sketches! Yesterday, I did have 12 watercolor sketches due. They are of all different architecture from around the world. From Mississippi to Paris. That was my first assignment in my History of Design class. We will have 4 due every week from now until the end of the semester. (In case you don't want to do the math, that totals 64!) I am told at the end of this, I will be a pro!

It was a bit intimidating to go at this will little to no instruction and have that many to do all at once, but I did it. I even felt pretty confident about them, until yesterday when we turned them in! HOLY COW! The other girls in my class (yes there is one boy, but only one) were like pros! Their Eiffel Tower looked like I was there. So, I have some work to do, but I am loving the challenge. And I am quickly learning that this major is unlike any other. Being creative for a grade is not something I am used to.