Jan 12, 2011

a whirl wind trip

{all the jones family @ stephen & rebecca's wedding}

There they are! The Jones family! Stephen for those of you who do not know is Josh's cousin! And for those of you who may recognize the man next to Stephen...yes you are right...that is Uncle Bill who married us! Thank you again for that Uncle Bill! 

This past weekend we traveled to South Carolina to see these two precious people get married. The wedding was at 2pm Saturday (1pm our time). Thus, we left after work, drove to Georgia, checked into a hotel, slept for a bit, got up, ready, and on the road, then walked into the church with 2 minutes to spare. Enjoyed the wedding and seeing the fam, went to sleep, woke up at 7am and on the road to go home again! WOW! Did the trip really happen? 

{me & jen at the wedding}

We also got a chance to say a temporary farewell to Jen, Josh's sister & now mine too! She is leaving next week for Australia to study worship arts at Hillsong. Many of you know Australia has a very special place in my heart, as I studied there for 6 weeks in college. We are SO proud of her and wish her the very best in her year abroad. This has been a dream of her's for SO long and it is amazing that we get to see her achieve this! Jen...we love you and you have the best time ever! 

If the pace 2011 has been going keeps up, man I will be tired! Tired...and happy!