Jan 3, 2011

happy 2011

Hi Everyone and HAPPY 2011! Doesn't Josh look happy to be welcoming in the new year? LOL! We hope you have all had a great end to 2010! We sure did! Here is a little look at what we did in the last two weeks of 2010...

- went ice skating in 12 degree weather
- ate brunch with my bestie in kentucky
- had coffee with another one of my besties in illinois
- saw an old family friend i had not seen in over 10 years!
- looked through some of my baby albums
- (not much has changed, i am baking & dressing up in the pics!)
- we threw a new year's eve party @ our loft apt!
- attended a game-a-thon night upon returning to mississippi
- got rid of the sad christmas tree we took in for christmas
- visited the mall in wisconsin...a hand full of times
- visited best buy more than the mall!
- had girls night with my sisters
- skyped on christmas eve with the welch family
- drove over 28 hours in the car
- watched almost an entire season of friends
- toured the harley davidson museum
- started knitting my first scarf
- josh ate his weight in cheese curds
- celebrated my sister's birthday WITH her for the first time in years!
- got my first mani/pedi since march
- had the best time ever with my fam in Wisconsin...there is NOTHING like going home!

And those are just the things I can think of off the top of my head!

Here's to a fabulous NEW YEAR!