Jan 25, 2011

rain rain go away...come again another day

Maybe like this weekend when I can stay in bed and watch movies and not have to leave the house? Today I am at school...walking to my bus stop and classes in the rain...the wet cold rain. And I am carrying a backpack, art box and portfolio.  To make matters worse I got an email today that said 25 reasons to stay in bed? Did I really need 25 more reasons than I already had this morning when I was trying to pry myself out of bed?

Typically I love rain. I enjoy how it makes you feel like cuddling up with a cup of coffee and reading a book. Today I have learned that I feel differently about 43 degree rain that is very cold and makes you cold to the bone. I actually like Florida rain that happens every day in the summer at 4pm and is rest assured over by 4:45pm. Now I know I am a 45 minute curl up and read a book, watch a movie in bed kind of girl.