Jan 28, 2011

josh has gone {cross} country

On Wednesday of this week, Josh went on what his training calls a "cross country". Basically, a bunch of students and IPs (Instructor Pilots) get a group together and fly away for a few days. This allows them to gain more experience and get a ton of flights into a small amount of time. They fly from their destination to many other airports and then back again (to their main destination) to sleep and do it all over again in the am.

I will give you one guess where Josh has been! HA! Yes! South Carolina. Charleston to be exact! Funny, as this March I will be meeting up with all of my besties from college there. I told him to check it out for us, but I doubt he had the time! I believe his schedule was a little something like this...
  • Columbus to Virginia
  • Virginia to Charleston
  • Charleston to St. Petersburg
  • St. Petersburg to Charleston 
  • Charleston to Columbus 

He returns tonight and I know someone who is super excited!!! Have a great weekend!