Feb 9, 2011

wonderful weekend

{me, daddyo, momo & josh}

Just a quick update on our weekend. We had some of our very favorite people in town...my parents! The made the long journey to spend a little quality time with us and quality time is what we had! Typically when they are visiting it is for a specific event or holiday. This time we could give them a better picture of what our life in Columbus is really like!

They arrived Friday just in time to go with us to what they call Assignment Night on base. This is coming up for us and it is when one of the pilot training classes finds out what base they will be going to next and what plane they will be flying. We went to support some of our good friends, the Cahills. They will be headed to Dover Delaware where Chris will be flying C-5s.

On Saturday we got to shop at the yarn store right on the next block from our apartment. This place has some unusual hours (Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10-5pm) so I have only been in twice. It has a ton of yarns to look at and a very helpful woman told us all about each one! It was nice to walk around downtown a little as our weather was quite lovely that day!

Then onto dinner at Penny's house (the owner of Bella, where I work). She fed us so well and we played games till late into the evening! We played x-box kinect! WOW! That thing is crazy and I am pretty sure it was more fun to watch mom play than to play! We all bowled, but she also went head to head against Penny's son, who I call Fox in the hurdles and discus throwing contest!

Sunday we, of course, attended a super bowl party! GO PACK! It was so fun to be with fellow Wisconsinites to celebrate the win! We went over to a friend's house where a dozen or so of us gathered to watch. And we had on our packer gear. Cheese heads and all! We even ate brats and had cheese curds!

A great time was had by all! Thank you again for coming to visit! And to anyone who has not had the chance to experience Columbus we would love for you to come too!