May 16, 2011

our two year...

anniversary was celebrated a few weeks ago. Well, actually we had a graduation from pilot training, anniversary, and birthday celebration. We decided the only way to celebrate was by going on vacation. We figured with that many things to acknowledge, a vacation was the only thing large enough to appropriately celebrate each one! While at dinner one night, we were wished a happy birthdaversary!

We have not really had a vacation together since our honeymoon and I was so pleased to find out...I LOVE to go on vacation with my husband! Who knew! It was nice to find out after two years! Hehe! No, in all seriousness we love to travel together. We have just not been able to during pilot training. We will for sure be doing a LOT more of that!

We have a bottle of champaign in the fridge that Josh brought home on our anniversary we have yet to drink that will go along perfectly with these cupcakes from our wedding this week to continue the celebration!! I got in touch with my old boss from Davis Bakery & Co for the recipes and she sent them over right away! I cannot wait to have them!

We each made our favorite desserts into cupcakes for the big day! Josh had yellow cake with key lime filing and cream cheese icing. I had yellow cake with chocolate chips, buttercream frosting and mini chocolate chip cookies on top! They were the best wedding cupcakes I have ever had...okay I may be a little bias, but who cares!