Jul 1, 2011

oklahoma: land of cowboy hats

This wonderfully long weekend I am spending with my man in Oklahoma. It is a much different place than I have ever visited before. It is hot and dusty and flat, super flat. In fact, you can see for miles and miles. When I first arrived here, I saw a cowboy get out of a pick up truck. Yep. A cowboy, hat and all. Apparently, they still do exist.

I don't think we will be riding any horses while we are here {especially since I fell of the horse I rode on our honeymoon}, but we do have some really fun things planned. And I feel like being here for the holiday weekend is super patriotic. I mean, how much more patriotic can you get than being married to a man in the military AND being in the land of cowboys? Maybe if there were fireworks...and we are planning to see a pretty spectacular showing of those Sunday night.

Wishing you a VERY patriotic weekend.