Jul 13, 2011

to market. to market. to market we go.

Hello dear readers. I am sorry it has been so long. So much has happened in the past few weeks. I have lots to tell you, but for now you just need to know I am going to be packing my bags once again. I just hate packing, which is funny because I love to travel! This time I'm going to Atlanta. Hotlanta as some call it. The booming metropolis of the south.

My wonderful Bella Beauties {my co-workers} and I are heading there for what we commonly call "market". This journey happens usually twice a year to a little place called America's Mart. This is when we pick out all kinds of goodies to sell at the store for the next season.

I cannot wait. I hear that it is just floors and floors of showrooms with all kinds of displays! Furniture, rugs, accessories...OH MY! I mean, six days of shopping...what's not to love? I was made for this! The creative juices will be flowing! I am so excited, I think I could just pop!