Aug 5, 2011

fab finds: cute & comfy

Happy Friday to all! I am sure you are just excited as I am to have some down time to RELAX! I cannot wait to sleep in this weekend and wear my comfy clothes and not have to get ready or put on makeup! 

I have compiled a few of my new most favorite comfy items! The Farm House Fresh  face scrub is one of my new  all time favorites! I fell in love with it instantly! Thanks to one of my besties recommendations! 

The Goody Headbands, are also a recommendation from on of my friends who always looks super cute in her comfy clothes. I love that they do not slide on your head or give you a headache after wearing them all day. And my new favorite place to wear them is the pool. 

The gym bag and the short sleeved sweatshirt are two new classics added to my wardrobe. I love the color of the bad so much, I have been using it for my work bag this whole week! And as soon as I get home from work, I have been changing out my dress clothes and putting on this wonderful hoodie. I want to get one in every color. 

Enjoy your weekend my wonderful readers. I wish you a comfy one!