Feb 7, 2012

California: Uncovered {Joan's on Third}

Last week, while entertaining one of my favorites, we stumbled upon a new favorite! We headed to West Hollywood to check out a home decor store that was a bust, but found this little gem instead! Joan's on Third was hoppin for lunch. The food was delectable and the atmosphere was delightful. It is the perfect spot to sit and unwind after say...a morning in traffic...ahem...
 Here is a little glimpse of the inside. Yes, that book's title IS Cheesemonger's. And I am obsessed with it.
Does anyone else absolutely love the pig statue... No... Excuse, me... The chef pig statue! And at the bottom of this pic you can see some of the reasons why the cheesemonger {me} was in love with this place.
Okay, so if there is one thing I love more than cheese...yep...you guessed it. Sweets! I left with a heart shaped cookie that calmed me down on the way home in what turned out to be over three hours of rush hour traffic. Sugar soothes me...
 More sugar. Ahhhhhh....
Yes, that's right, they have flavored homemade marshmallows... and coffee IS one of the flavors! YUMM! Can you imagine this melting on top of your coffee in the morning?

I took home a bag of their homemade granola. Let me just say it is scrumptious. I have to admit, I had a little yogurt with my granola for breakfast the next morning.

This place is not only known for its top-notch cuisine, it's also known to feed some of the hottest in hollywood! I mean, food that makes your taste buds dance with excitement and a possible celeb sighting...what more could anyone want? Next time you are in LA, you MUST go to Joan's on Third. I know I will be back...often.