Feb 7, 2012

fab finds: printable art nouveau

Today, I spent some time looking for inexpensive ways to fill the many white walls in our new home. I started by looking on Etsy for prints to fill some silver frames I already own, however, I was unable to find any that suited me.

So I had to get creative. I googled vintage printable art and was extremely pleased with what I found! These prints were exactly what I needed: a bold splash of color {check} and a budget friendly price {check}.  All I needed was a printer and whala! You can find more prints like these here.
If you happen to be a Friends junkie like myself, you may recognize this piece of art. It hangs above the television console in Monica and Rachel's apartment on the show. I have been looking for a reproduction of it for years. I love the bold orange coloring it in. I found it on this site

Here is another print I find elegant and sheik. I believe it is a vintage ad for pink champaign. She sure is doing a great job of selling it to me! Here is the source

Happy Tuesday!