Feb 15, 2012

diy: laundry room art

While the hubby was away for work, I did some work of my own {to the house}. I cleaned and organized closets, cupboards, and even the garage. Yes. I did. I am not as familiar with cleaning the garage as I am the rest of the house...so I may have vacuumed the garage... But that is another story for another time. 

Because we are on a budget in this household, I have become a bit more creative while making our new house a home. The wall art you see here was actually inspired by some late night tv watching. I saw a commercial, I think it was by Hallmark, go figure, that used this wonderful quote. It was so brilliant that I decided right then and there to find a way to put it on my walls. So, I did. 

I had thrown away this white Ikea frame earlier that day, since the glass had shattered and the paint was scratched. But after seeing the commercial, I made a b line for my dumpster and picked her right back out, knowing I could turn her into a treasure. {I cannot believe I just told you that I went dumpster diving in my own garage!}

First, I cut out the reddish orange lettering of "life" from a file folder I had laying around. Then I rummaged through my trusty old scrapbooking supplies and found that beautiful white lettering. And that was pretty much it. I just glued those letters down to the back of the frame and whala! FREE wall art! I'd say that fits pretty nicely in our budget! 

Please forgive me, but I had to include this photo because I am a first time owner of a washer and a dryer. Yep. I am officially a grown-up. We are saving up to get those amazing little pedestals to put them on. I cannot wait to have more storage! 

Once I began decorating and organizing the laundry room, I could not stop. I pulled out these storage bins from our office and placed them on the shelving unit above the dryer. They now neatly hold extra dust rags, light bulbs, extension cords, et. Did I mention, I love organizing? 

Here is a close-up shot of the tags I made to label each bin. Again, I used my scrapbooking paper and letter stickers. Then I hung them with some ribbon I had laying around the house.

Since the laundry room also functions as a utility room, I placed a pot of sharpies on the counter. After all, you never know when you are going to need a sharpie! A little tip when you are putting markers or  writing utensils of any kind into a container: fill the bottom with coffee beans to keep the markers standing up straight and bonus - your room will smell like a fresh cup of coffee.

The jar holding the chalk used to be a candle holder that no longer went with anything in the house. I found a can of gold spray paint in the garage and well there you go. I may have also spray painted a lot more items gold in the house after this little guy....whoops! I have chalk because right outside the door to the laundry room, there is a welcome home chalk board where I like to leave notes for the hubby.

And that completes your tour of the laundry room. Hope you enjoyed.