Feb 16, 2012

a closer look: my california living room

Last week our living room was bare. Granted, we only moved in a little more than a month ago. But I could not take it anymore. Everything was white. White. White. White. I decided to rearrange our furniture and add a few items here and there to brighten things up a bit. 

You might remember these gorgeous apple green chairs the hubby's grandmother so generously gave me. You know, the ones with the reupholstering nightmare? Anyway, I could not love them more! They add so much color and life. Any time you can add furniture to your home that tells a story, by all means do it!

I've had my eye on a Chinese Garden Stool for quite some time now. This little beauty came from Pier One. She adds just the pop of red this room needed. I think just about every room can use a dash of red, kind of like wearing red lipstick. It makes a statement that everyone will notice. 

I am sure you have noticed by now, I have a long standing love affair with all things Kate Spade. I thought it would be fun to frame a spade in honor of my slight obsession. To make this piece of art, I spray painted an old print gold, then cut out a spade from card stock. Easy as that. Art should always be meaningful and if you can make it yourself there is no doubt it will be just that. 

Here are a few more pieces of art I made over the weekend. I really want our living room to be fun and not too stuffy or serious.  I decided to look for quotes from Kate Spade. This one seemed perfect. And there is one more dash of red to add to the room as well. 

These frames are old. I got them at Ikea years ago. They have had many lives. At one time they held vintage prints of flowers, but more recently one of them hung above my stove and acted as a cork board for recipes. You can still see the cork. 

To give them new life, I painted their lifeless cream frames to be a deep grey. Then I painted the cork white to create some contrast. The black lettering is once again from my scrapbook supplies. The "red" lettering I cut free hand from a file folder. Again, this project fit VERY nicely into my budget, with a grand total of $7 for spray paint. 

Domino has to be my favorite decor magazine of all time. Much to my dismay, they went out of business when the recession hit. I kept every single issue I ever bought. I keep them together by month on my bookshelf and page through them often for new ideas. This is one of my favorite covers. The good news is on April 17th, a new issue is coming out. I will be at the newsstand bright and early that day! Yippee!