Feb 29, 2012

the morning after {the academy awards}

Once all of The Oscars had been handed out, and the after parties began, my schedule began. I went to bed immediately after the show, so I could get at least a few hours of sleep. The phone rang at 1:15am for our wake up call. Whew. 

I am still recovering from my night of little {but what felt like no} sleep. It was an amazing once in a life time experience, I would not trade...even for more sleep. And for those of you who know me well, you know just how precious I think sleep is. 

2:30am Becky {who flew in to accompany me to see Live with Kelly after The Oscars} and I leave our Hollywood Hotel.

2:45am We arrive at the Hollywood Bowl to park. 
3:00am We check in and get our wristbands. 
3:10am We get in THIS line. Yep. There were definitely over 2,500 people in that line. The line we waited in for over TWO hours. Did I mention it was 38 degrease outside? 
5:30am We arrive by shuttle bus to the Kodak Theatre. Ahhh...the grand entrance, where not twelve hours before the stars walked the red carpet. We had goosebumps knowing how many amazing actors and actresses have walked these very same stairs. 
5:45am We find out way through the Theatre to our seats.
5:50am We enter. OH. MY. It is even more gorgeous in person than what you see here. WOW. 
6:00am Live with Kelly begins. {It airs live 9:00am Eastern, if you are wondering why the time difference.} Neil Patrick Harris {AKA formally Doogie Howser, MD and now star on How I Met Your Mother } is Kelly's co-host for the day. P.S. Check out the stage with all of the oscars still set up! 
7:25am We leave to go back to the shuttle, but get a bit star struck. Since Billy Crystal hosted The Academy Awards, I thought it only appropriate to stand on his star before heading back.