Feb 27, 2012

treemendous: the fiddle leaf fig

The fiddle leaf fig tree is, in my book, one of the seven wonders of the world. Okay, okay, maybe that is a bit too much, but it is indeed a design phenomenon. Its gorgeous green color adds life and vibrance to any room. And its leaves are so mysterious. They are large in scale yet somehow seem to be light and airy. Often times a tree can be a bit obtrusive in a room, but not this fig.

I have had my eye one one ever since Domino Magazine's February issue, 2007. I just cannot wait to purchase one for our California home. In pretty much every room, I've seen a space to put one. No worries though, I will only get one. And I am saving my pennies for her, so it will be a little while. But oh man. I cannot wait. I plan on putting it into a gorgeous basket instead of a pot. There is just something about the earthiness of a woven basket at the bottom of a tree I love.