Feb 22, 2012

picture perfect: chalking it up to a good idea

Recently, I have been thoroughly enjoying Martha Stewart Living. Each issue has been filled with more great ideas than the last. I am not sure what is going on over at that magazine, but they need to keep it up! Because...it's a good thing! {I hope you caught the Marthaisim there.}

I am obsessed with this table setting, which can be found in the March issue. I mean, don't you just want to be invited to this party? I do! It is a beer tasting party and I am originally from Wisconsin, so maybe that is why I am so drawn to this.

When you think of a dinner party, you don't normally think of beer or chalk. But here the table is literally set for F-U-N! It reminded me that we get to set the tone for our guests. So for your next event, why not switch it up a bit?  Sit back with your guests, have some beer, and write on the table with chalk!