Feb 21, 2012

trend alert: painted furniture

Happy Tuesday everyone! I hope you enjoyed your President's Day weekend! I know I did! It gave me some time to catch up on all of my emails and dig into some decorating projects that have been in need of attention. One of those projects is my in-law's house. 

They have a lot of wonderful heirloom pieces of furniture in their home that we do not want to get rid of, but we do need to freshen things up a bit. Most of the pieces are wooden and thus brown. To freshen up the room, I suggested painting some of the pieces. While I was researching, I found these wonderfully inspirational pictures of painted furniture from one of my all time favorite bloggers and decorators, Jenny Komenda of The Little Green Notebook.

I love the desk chair in robins egg blue in the photo above. If the chair was the same color wood as the campaign desk, then your eye would not be drawn to each piece individually. This way your eye looks at the flirty blue chair and then sees the gorgeous desk. 

This amazing deep blue on the bed makes me want to paint mine. And the light grey on the night-stands are heavenly. 

I have an obsession for paining things white. It just looks so clean and crisp. If I was left alone too long with a can of white paint, I'm afraid I would not be able to stop myself from painting everything in sight.

This room is a great example of how painted furniture can really lighten and brighten up a room.

Wonderful use of  bright and happy yellow here. PS don't you just want to curl up and read a book on that burgundy velvet sofa? 

Chartreuse buffet. Fabulous.

This white piano makes the room luxurious. It fits into the room perfectly and subtly, while still managing to make a statement. Love it.

I hope you've found as much inspiration as I did in these photos. And maybe even decided to paint a piece of your furniture. Have a great night!