Mar 6, 2012

life lately: in the vegas

Road trip to The Vegas. 
Staying three weeks while the mister is here for work. 
Only 4.5 hours from our house. 
I think I will be leaving here having gained 30 pounds. 
The food here is amazing. 
I have not been to once place we did not LOVE the food. 
Don't be fooled buy this pic. 
It looks warm, but is has been very chilly. 
Today, Josh's flight got cancelled due to heavy winds. 
Work. Work. Work. 
We are not your typical Vegas goers. 
Most people come to live it up for a few days and leave. 
I did laundry yesterday. 
No one does laundry in Vegas. 
I had no idea how much fun shopping was here. 
It is so fun to window shop.
When we win it big...maybe I will shop there. 
We are having a great time.