Mar 8, 2012

travel log: brunch in paris

I am beginning to understand that the reason people are drawn to Vegas is so they can become someone else or at least be somewhere else, even if just for a little while. You can have drinks in New York, dinner in Paris, then be transported back in time to have dessert with Caesar at his Palace. What other city can deliver all of that in one night? Magical, isn't it!

Today, the mister and I decided to go to Paris for brunch. I mean, why not? No plane tickets to buy, no bags to pack. We didn't even have to save for six months to be able to go. We just hopped in our car and drove to Paris. {I might not ever be able to say that enough, unless we ever actually live in France!} We spent the morning enjoying the lovely weather, each other’s conversation, and the oddities of the people passing by. And by oddities, I do mean a woman holding a Boa Constrictor around her neck. EEEK! 

We dined at Mon Ami Gabi. I did some research when we got home {and by home, I do mean our hotel} and found out that they have other locations in Illinois, Virginia, and Maryland. Also the name of the restaurant translated into English means, "my friend". Any place you can drink champaign before noon and not be frowned upon is my friend indeed.  

Au revoir!