Jan 12, 2011

snow day!

{view from my bedroom window of my car}

Monday was a "snow" day here in Mississippi! And so was yesterday for a lot of kids! I had no work, MSU cancelled classes (even though I did not have any on Monday), and the base was closed until noon. 4-8 inches here is enough to shut down entire towns! And I was asked today if I felt safe on the roads! HA! Of course I did! This ain't nothing! One of my dear friends in NYC said that a week or so ago they had 22 inches of snow, and nothing closed down! But here, we shut down completely!

I must say that having a snow day here is even more fun, because it is so unexpected! Some of my Mississippi friends have never had a snow day in their whole lives and some had never even seen snow. I have seen it before, so I enjoyed the day from the comfort of my couch! I drank my coffee, stayed in my pjs all day, caught up on all my tv shows, did some knitting and hmmm, not a whole lot else. It was so cozy, calming and so very wonderful.