Feb 17, 2012

must stop shop: fishs eddy {nyc}

Each fall, I take a girls trip to NYC. One of my besties just happens to live there, so she plays tour guide  for the week. And by that, I do not mean going to Time Square or seeing the naked cowboy. Although that IS fun. We get the exclusive privilege of experiencing NYC's lesser known gems through the eyes of an actual New Yorker. 

On one of my previous trips we went to Fishs Eddy. Oh. Man. As you can see by the sign above, I have FINALLY found someone in this world who loves doing dishes! {Sigh} Okay, they do not actually wash your dishes, but if they did, I think they would make a killing! 

Fishs Eddy is an incredible resource for dishes, glassware, linens, and unique gifts you will not find anywhere else. The dishes you see above are vintage pieces from various hotels and restaurants around the city that have been retired. I mean, how amazing would be to tell your company you set the table with china that was once used at The Russian Tea room or The Ritz!

They also carry every day dishes in bright colors, classic neutrals and one of a kind patterns that will add just the right touch to any table. While I am a huge fan of white dishes for every day use, I also like to add great accent colors and patterns to mix and match when I need a little something special.

Next time you are in NYC, you MUST stop in! I promise you will not regret it. You can purchase items on their website, but it is just not the same. And don't forget to take a moment to stop on the sidewalk before you walk in, to view the gorgeous window displays. They are breathtaking.